The Story

The history of Bernardi s.r.l. began in 1974 in a small pastry shop. Continuing his father's business, the brothers Mimmo, Cyrus and Giuseppe Bernardi, their first steps in the production dolciaria.La passion for work and a willingness to grow, stand out and be appreciated allow Bernardi brothers to carve out a prominent place in the pastry shop of high quality.The particular attention paid to product combines with the care given to details and special packaging.
In an environment already "sweet", was born and raised, almost naturally, a special interest in the world of cioccolato.I three young confectioners captivated by its undoubted charm have focused their skills and his means, to the knowledge and processing of Theobroma Cacao, the "food of the gods." In 2001 the company Bernardi, from modest workshop switch to manufacturing plant, responding to new market trends through a creative reinterpretation of tradizione.Bernardi pays constant attention to the needs of customers who care so much the quality of the image that looks ad'innovazione Bernardi prodotto.Nel 2011 continues the product, transforming ideas and insights into proposals vincenti.Si confirmed market leader of high-end chocolate retaining its original footprint and craftsmanship.


In 2005, Mark and Michael, sons of Cyrus, decided after their studies, to introduce him in this sweet, but also sacrificoso world, so concreto.I two immediately detect a branch company, the historic bakery on Via La Sorte in Grottaglie , reviving and reviving what were the old traditions of pastry proposals, to ensure that everything would create a blend of tradition and innovation.
In 2012, the first recognition, falling under the guidance of the Gambero Rosso and won two beans and three cups.
Our philosophy is to always aim to present an offer that tradition of our land and quality of raw materials.

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